Blog Post 4/8

Last week in class we began to discuss six basic stories of religion that are used to try and interpret what is going on currently. One of the stories that I found explained what was going on in today’s religious culture was the story about religion acting as a source of community. This describes religion as a transaction of social relationships. Whenever people are asked what they find comforting about their religion, many say they find a sense of community there. This is very important, because of how large and impersonal our society is becoming. This gives people a place to come and feel a part of something, so it is understandable why people would turn to religion to find this. Another story I found interesting was that religion is becoming Anti-Modern. This explains religion moving back to old strict religion which helps people seek security and form, in such a complex society. There always seems to be this cycle of official religion and nonofficial religion going back and forth in popularity. I don’t think we will ever be able to say that religion will always stay either official or nonofficial because as soon as one has been in popularity for a certain amount of time, people will begin to crave the other. Recently we have seen a surge of millennials and younger generations preferring nonofficial religion, however this story states that because of the large society we are currently apart of, people will begin to move back towards official religion in search of its security. Instead of leaning to only one becoming popular over the other, I foresee a split with the public, and the preference of religion relating closely to political preference.

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  1. So, the lack of orderly religion will ultimately lead back to the stricter—more structured faith system. Nice job dissecting this. In a sense, it seems almost like “the grass is greener on the other side”, to keep the pendulum moving back and forth to the ends of the religious continuum, rather than a moderate movement.

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