Congregation Visit

This past Sunday I visited the Redlands United Church of Christ as my second congregation visit. I am always nervous before entering religious settings, but I immediately felt comfortable and welcome at this church. The service was led by a female pastor- which in my admittedly limited religious experience I have never encountered before. She talked about the Transgender Day of Visibility as well as about toxic masculinity versus divine masculinity.  After the scripture reading, she referenced the story by having different songs played that she said would have been the theme songs for different characters. Also accompanying the talk about the Scripture, a painting by Rembrandt was projected onto the walls and there was some time spent analyzing. Media was again incorporated with the playing of Gillette’s commercial on toxic masculinity. I thought that all of the media/ technological incorporations in the service were well suited and helpful supplements. They were engaging and entertaining. What was striking to me was that I was only there to observe for a class, yet the service made me emotional and entertained me. Although I’m not religious, I feel I was able to get something out of attending and would not be opposed to returning. My own experience at this church made me think about how personal the experience of attending church is for every person. How many other people in the pews that day were not sure of their belief in God but attended anyways because they could get something else out of it? This goes to support the idea that the number of people in the pews does not tell you much about American religiosity.