Reflection 3/11

This past week was spring break so I was able to relax and enjoy my time at home.  Just yesterday I went to my local church back at home and the sermon really touched me.  I go to Mission Valley Free Methodist of San Gabriel, CA. I live about 10 min away from there so it’s not too far.  The reason why I started going there was because of the senior pastor, Dave Fukuyama. He is our old family friend. My family and I actually attended a previous church before where pastor Dave spoke at.  However, when we heard the news that he was leaving to attend Mission Valley Free Methodist, we followed him. Pastor Dave is one of my favorite pastors that I have ever listened to. All of his sermons are really meaningful and he tries to connect them to ways in which everyone can relate to.  

Yesterday his sermon talked about how there are people who lose the hunger and thirst for God.  He explains it how other things may come in to distract you from your relationship with God that can get in the way.  For example, if you have a stressful job, you would focus more on your job than your relationship with God.

This sermon really touched me because I have been getting distracted lately.  With classes, homework, exams, midterms, basketball practice and games, my relationships with my friends and family, it’s hard to keep up.  There are times where I would go months without talking to God because I’ve been so busy and stressed. However, instead of distancing myself from God, I need to build my relationship even more.  With God’s love in my life, I can do great things. I am so eager to get back to my normal routine this week. However, I will need to learn to focus more on my relationship with God as well.