Examining Social Dynamics: 3/11

It is amazing how much of an influence devout faith can have on the social dynamics within a community. It was very interesting to get such a personal view of these social dynamics in the video about the Fundamentalist Baptist Congregation. It was fascinating to see what members of the congregation valued in their lives. It seemed that the majority of the adult members of the congregation valued family, children, marriage, and faith above all else. They were extremely passionate about spreading the teachings of Christ and maintaining a stable home. However, these passions caused some of the members of the congregation to display toxic behaviors. The men in the film were so driven to maintain a Godly home that they tended to undermine the opinions and feelings of the women in the film. For example, the pastor tried to reconnect a broken and abusive marriage against the wishes of the woman. He told her that her current love interest would leave her and that she was not fit to parent her own children. In addition, members of the congregation tended to be overbearing towards those who did not share their beliefs. They claimed that evolution was bogus and that public schools were reprehensible. Even though there was a display of toxic behaviors in the film, it was nice to see how connected the community was. They were all very supportive of one another (for the most part) and they genuinely cared about the well being of their friends and family. In conclusion, I learned that fundamental religion has a huge impact on the social dynamics of a community.

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  1. Agreed, the social structure of society at large can bring out the worst in people. The film itself had that balance of the good and bad aspect of this little community.

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