Blog Post 3/11

The week before break we watched a movie in class about a Fundamentalist Baptist Church in Massachusetts. I found the movie to be very interesting because it was completely different than anything, we had studied in class thus far. The church would have been placed in a more sectarian bracket which was interesting to compare to all of the denominational churches we just discussed in the presentations. The movie followed the stories of some members of the church and their experiences. One mom discussed how surprised she was when she read her kids textbooks and did not agree with what they were learning, so she pulled them out and put them in a school that taught ideas that readily aligned with the church’s views. The kids were also interviewed and expressed how they did not like how close and personal all the families were. They felt that sometimes it would be nice for everyone not to know each other’s business and for that reason public school appealed to them. I felt bad that the kids felt like they were under a microscope and that even if they wanted to go to public school, that was not an option for them. The fact that the church was so focused on themselves internally and did not want to mix with the outside world was interesting. This was very different than the denominational groups that generally love to welcome new members and share their stories, whereas the church in the movie, did not want to involve outsiders and risk it contaminating their space. It was evident that for these members the church encompassed all aspects of their lives and they were okay between this invisible wall between themselves and the outside world. The movie was a great way to get a glimpse into the outlook involved with sectarian churches.