American Religious Involvement

This week we read about religious involvement in America. This chapter made me think about the future of religion in our country. Chaves states that less children today are raised in religiously active households, and religious involvement as a child is one of the biggest predictors for religious involvement as an adult. Most of my friends/ peers would not describe themselves as religious and if they did, most would not be able to say they are religiously involved. However, I know that for my age group it is typical for religion not to be a big part of our lives, and I also know that many of my peers were religiously involved as children. It makes me wonder how many people I know now who brush off religion will again become religiously involved as adults. I also wonder the reasons as to why people who stray from religious involvement come back to it. It was also interesting to me when Chaves explained how although elderly people are considered a highly religiously involved group, these are also people who were raised in religiously involved households. When the elderly group one day consists of people who were not raised religiously involved, will they still be a highly religiously involved group?