Conservatives Want Religion on Classroom Walls

According to the Huffington Post, due the conformation of Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education, the Council for National Policy (CNP) released a document recommending DeVos to promote “Judeo-Christian principles” in American public schools. This basically means that public schools would put the Ten commandments on the walls, implementing bible study, and teaching US and world history “from the Judeo-Christian perspective” for middle school and high school history. This a violation of separation of church and state, but that is not the issue that I have with the CNP’s recommendation. Religion is a big part of many peoples lives and I understand that they want their children to learn about it, but my problem is that it can’t just be taught with a Judeo-Christian lens. If the CNP wants to put religion into schools then they should have to put all religion into schools. Children in America should be taught all religions on an equal playing field so they can be informed and make the decision of which one they want to identify with on their own. If DeVos goes through with the CNP’s suggestion then it would put a bias on the children of which religion they join because they only learned about one in school. The CNP are also wanting to tell history from the Judeo-Christian perspective which isn’t as objective as normal history classes. Overall, I would welcome the idea of teaching world religions to the younger generation but to promote tolerance of each others religions, not just telling the story from one side.