Build Bridges not Walls

In this article from Religion News Service, it talks about Pope Francis’ opposition to Trump’s proposed “wall,” and how it is a very un-Christian thing to do. Pope Francis states that we should be building bridges instead of walls, and to “overcome evil with good.” The Pope also stated that Trump should be guided by ethical values, and take care of the poor and the outcast during his time as President, as these are very unique times in US history and history in general. Inclusiveness, generosity, love, and compassion are all Christian values, yet many Christians seem to lose sight of them. This article relates to the presentation on The Shared Parish because many Christians lose sight of their values, but when it comes down to it everyone wants the same thing and by helping others in need you are only gaining from that, never losing. Although it is an unideal situation to share a parish with a group of people you don’t know, the most Christian thing one could do is open up their doors and welcome those in need. Just like The Shared Parish, Trump should remember his Christian values since he claims to be one, and welcome those in need rather than turn them away based on minor differences.