Americans Rate Religious Groups

According to an article in The New York Times by Laurie Goodstein, 4,248 adults were surveyed by the Pew Research Center to see how Americans rated other religions practiced in the United States. The Americans surveyed were not asked why they have the views they have, and apparently there was a bit of a survey error that was not stated. Why would this topic be explored? Does it not cause more of a divide between people and religious groups? It is interesting to see what people think of other religions within their country. After the recent election, Muslims in America said they felt particularly discriminated toward, and Muslims ranked at the bottom of the poll with Atheists.

The whole idea of liking certain religions over others reminds me a lot of Florence from the presentation by group did last week. Florence only wants her religion to be practiced around her, and she wants it done her way.  This article also ties in with the presentation from Monday that spoke about the shared parish. I find it interesting to see how people feel about other religious groups, especially after the recent election. I feel that it can cause some conflict but at the same time I believe it is an interesting sociological study.