Religion that encourages violence?

Two-Thirds Of Democratic Voters Say Islam Isn’t More Violent Than Other Religions


Here it says,  CBS poll asked people what extent Islamic religion encourages violence, and two thirds (66%) of democrat voter said it encourages same amount of violence as other religion. Before anything, I don’t think religion should not “encourage violence” at all, but anyways I think it’s not too bad because if we include answer that Islam encourages less violent than other religion, 9%, it’s 75%. However, if we look at republicans, it’s other way: 63% said Islam encourages violence more than other religions, when only 25% said same amount of violence.

I was kind of angry about that fact, but then I remembered, that religion can be source of conflict but also of cohesion. I am not saying I accept that result of survey, but what is happening might tie people together and eventually find solution to this problem.

My group’s case study book, God needs no passport, by Peggy Levitt, actually talk about this (not about the travel ban, but about Islam), such as how people recently think that it’s dangerous, just like people who answered Islam “encourages more violent”. Actually, the book was all about to prove that it’s wrong. Terrorist group is dangerous, doesn’t matter whatever religion it has, but Islam as religion, and muslim as immigrants or refugees, are actually benefitting the country by just expressing their perspective and ideas. After reading her book, I feel like I do not understand people who discriminate against race and religions, because people just closing themselves from receiving the merit.