Muslim Activist Accused of Terrorism

This past weekend, millions of people marched to protest for women and their right in this country. There were many speakers that were present and gave speeches in hopes to inspire more women and people. One woman in particular, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim woman, gave a speech in Washington D. C. She spoke elegantly and powerfully and although everything went well, she received a lot of backlash for wearing her Hijab and got accused of being related to terrorism. There were many speculations she was connected to Isis and her role in the march was a way in for them. This thought and accusation is exactly what the march was trying to stop and wants for the country to stop doing. The country is sensitive still to Muslim culture, because of the 9/11 incidents. Because of this traumatic event, people still have a hostile and racist mindset of Muslim culture. It is unfair for a woman to speak in front of thousands of people for a great cause and then afterwards be accused of terrorism just because she was raised in a certain religion. Our country is primarily Christian/Catholic based and believes that God is the one and only ultimate power. I think we feel intimidated and afraid when others have a different religion than us, which is okay, but when people use their fear to take action when it isn’t necessary it creates a large problem. I think the United States is having a problem with this now.