Spiritual but not Religious

A small but growing group of Americans describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. This is partly due to people wanting a way to reject the super conservative right-wing  ideals that are often associated with organized religion and the stereotype that goes with it. It is a way to say that “I’m not like those people” but I still believe in a higher power. There is also a growing skepticism in America about the value of organized religion. Our society values the individual, thus making people feel that they don’t need someone else telling them how to worship their god. Religion has started to be seen as a very personal and individual thing. This trend is very pronounced among young people because they do not seem to have as much interest in organized religions. I believe that this is due to the fact that the teaching of organized religions are no longer connecting to the younger generations. In our society today, we are exposed to so many different types of religion from our own just due to immigration and inventions like the internet. People have started to feel that their religion isn’t necessarily the one true path to salvation. Religious diversity has increased in many Americans everyday lives, making it harder to claim that one religion is the “right one”. Americans now have a greater appreciation for religions other than their own, making it more acceptable to try out other religions because they are more accessible. Americans are starting to reject organized relgion and started to move towards spirituality.