The Search for a New Religion

An article in The Washington Post by Garrison Keillor explains that Donald Trump’s presidency has encouraged him to find a new religion. The author is extremely against President-Elect Donald Trump, and seems to be having trouble with his current religion (Christianity), as many of his Christian friends voted for Mr. Trump.

Although the article seems rather satirical, it raises a good point, which is something that we have been discussing in class: when things go wrong, many people turn to religion to find a way to make it better. As we saw in the film on Monday, Glenn was very adamant about spreading his religion to those who were “lost” and needed to be “saved”, and Susie was just confused about what she was supposed to do with her connection with God. Many people in society turn to religion as a way to find answers to their questions and to ease their hardships. Keillor is confused about what he needs and seems to be having an identity crisis much like Glenn and Susie had, and many Americans are probably having now as well. Keillor needs a new religion to begin to feel OK with what is about to happen to the country. Many things are uncertain for President-Elect Donald Trump’s time in office, which is unsettling, and it would make sense for citizens to turn to a higher power to give them strength and an answer to the problem. Donald Trump’s soon-to-be presidency will also cause a lot of unrest throughout the world, and it can be expected that many people turn to different ways to deal with it.