While reading chapter two, The Provision of Meaning and Belonging, McGuire touched on a term I have never come across, theodicies. As McGuire describes it, “[t]heodicies are religious explanations that provide meaning for meaning-threatening experiences” (McGuire 33) I was quite surprised to find that this notion actually has a name for itself. In my opinion, a large portion of religious people are drawn to faith since it helps answer and bring comfort to the hard questions life offers, such as what happens when you die and does my life have meaning. I also believe that fear plays a crucial role in people’s attitudes toward religion, many people who seek answers to these questions like to think there is more after one’s death or that god in fact does have a reason for x,y, and z to have occurred. I think religion can provide an unparalleled comfort and reassurance that one’s actions do matter and thus will yield to repercussions that would affect them later in life or the afterlife. Religion can also manifest itself more dangerously when people use it as a shield or excuse for their behavior, there have been instances of crime occurring where the guilty use religion as a means of justifying their actions. I think that at times religion can suppress the truth and taint the reality of things that many find too hard to handle. There is a large grey area that comes with the “crisis of meaning”.